10 Potentially Deadly Foods

Foods do not have to be bizarre to be harmful. You may not know it but there are many “ordinary” foods that are potentially lethal. You eat these foods and you risk not only your health but your life as well.

Here are 10 of these potentially toxic foods.


potatoes in sack

The sprouts, stems, and leaves of potatoes contain glycoalkaloids. Do not leave potatoes too long, particularly in the light. Throw away potatoes which have a greenish hue.

Glycoalkaloids are natural toxins which can cause intense headaches, diarrhea, and cramps. They can even lead to coma or death.



There are two basic types of almonds — sweet and bitter. Stay away from the bitter ones. They contain a fairly huge amount of hydrogen cyanide. Consuming 7 to 10 bitter almonds raw can be harmful for adults — and deadly for kids.



The cashews that you find in the supermarket — even those labeled “raw” — are not actually raw. They have gone through the steaming process necessary for removing urushiol. Urushiol is a highly poisonous chemical that you can also find in poison ivy. It can cause allergies that can prove fatal.



Nutmeg is a hallucinogen. While it sounds pretty inviting to experience a high from nutmeg, ingesting a mere 0.2 ounces of the nut can lead to convulsions. Add one more ounce and you can have a seizure. Too much nutmeg can result in “nutmeg psychosis” which brings on strong feelings of hopelessness and a sense of imminent doom which can lead to thoughts of suicide.



Cassava is a tropical root crop which is native to South America. It is popular in Africa in the form of piwarry, a drink made from its fermented juice.

Cassava is potentially dangerous because of it roots and leaves which contain cyanide.



The FDA does not recommend tuna for pregnant women and children. The danger in the fish lies in the mercury that tuna absorbs. When you eat tuna, you ingest the mercury which may cause harm.

You are not likely to take in a toxic amount of mercury just by eating tuna. However, it is prudent to monitor your intake of the fish.



The leaves and stems of tomatoes have poisonous alkali that agitates the stomach. Unripe green tomatoes apparently also cause stomach problems. Although the ill effects are not exactly fatal, you will be doing yourself a great favor by leaving off the stems and leaves of tomatoes.



Make sure to have nothing to do with the leaves of rhubarb. They have oxalic acid which promotes the formation of kidney stones. While it is true that you need about 11 lbs. of the leaves to experience its lethal effects, it can take less than this amount to make you sick.

2.Fruit Seeds


Some individuals think nothing about swallowing the seeds of some fruits. Most of these seeds are tiny — too small to cause harm, or so you think.Pits contain prussic acid which is a type of hydrogen cyanide. Make sure that you spit out the seeds of apricots, cherries, peaches, and apples. You do not want poisonous cyanide — no matter how miniscule the amount — in your body.

1.Raw Honey


The pasteurization process kills harmful toxins. Raw honey is NOT pasteurized. Thus, it can contain grayanotoxin. Even just one tablespoon of pure grayanotoxin can make you excessively weak, dizzy, and nauseous. It can result in extreme vomiting, causing serious dehydration.

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