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20 medical facts that will blow your mind!

FACT: If you sneeze hard enough, you can fracture a rib. But try to suppress a sneeze and you might rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and drop dead.

FACT: The average person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill 2 swimming pools.

FACT: The human stomach must produce a new lining every other day to protect itself from its own acid.

FACT: The acid in your stomach is so powerful that it can dissolve a razor blade in less than a week.

FACT: They can’t make artificial blood. You can get an artificial hip, knee, elbow, even ankle, and there are machines that can replace your heart and lungs, but there is no way to make synthetic blood substitutes in the laboratory.

FACT: The skin is the largest organ in the human body, covering about twenty square feet in an adult male. It also constantly regenerates; a person sheds around forty pounds of skin in his lifetime.

FACT: For every pound of fat gained, you add seven miles of new blood vessels

FACT: We grow in our sleep, and wake up every morning about eight millimeters taller than the night before. However, we return to our former height as gravity compresses our cartilage discs back into place throughout the next day.

FACT: The pressure exerted by a pumping human heart can squirt blood thirty feet. Research is limited, though, so if you ever lose a limb unexpectedly, grab a tape measure and see how far your blood squirts before you pass out and die. Don’t forget to write it down, too.

FACT: You can find 20 million microscopic animals living on a square inch of human skin.

FACT: You’re more likely to die from lack of sleep than from starvation.

FACT: The average human body radiates enough heat in thirty minutes to boil two pints of water.

FACT: When full, the bladder expands to roughly the same size as a softball.

FACT: By the time you’re an adult, you’re likely to have about 5 million hairs growing out of your skin

FACT: Being “scared to death” can happen. The body’s protective mechanism, the fight-or-flight response, pumps adrenaline into the blood, causing the nervous system to increase blood flow to muscles, dilate the pupils and, in some cases, evacuate the bowels. But adrenaline is toxic in large amounts and can cause death if it floods the heart unchecked.

FACT: The fingernails on the longest fingers grow faster than the fingernails on the shortest fingers. Nobody knows why. The fastest-growing fingernail you have is the middle finger of your dominant hand.

FACT: The human liver performs no fewer than 500 different functions. If a portion of it were removed, the liver would continue to work and would rapidly grow back to its normal size. Well, depending on the size of the portion.

FACT: The soles of your feet contain more sweat glands and more pressure-sensitive nerve endings per square inch than any other part of your body.

FACT: Men produce about 10 million new sperm daily (approximately enough to repopulate the entire planet in 6 months).

FACT: Your bones, pound for pound, are 4x stronger than concrete.

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