3 Key Things You Can Do To Eliminate The Skin Blemishes

Blackheads… they are those little black dots that appears on the chin and nose regions. They’re annoying and people would love to be rid of them. Most people, when they have blackheads, think that squeezing them is the best way to get rid of their pesky little problem.

Stop! DO NOT do squeeze that blackhead!

Why Do Blackheads Develop?

The reason blackheads appear on your chin and nose is due to the skin cells and oils that are trapped within open hair follicles. Since they are open, the air will oxidize them, turning the head black. (Whiteheads develop because the follicles are closed).

OTC Medicines: How Can You Eliminate Your Blackhead Outbreak Problem?

Of course, you want to rid yourself of the blackhead situation. Nobody likes dealing with blackheads. If you have a mild outbreak of blackheads, you may want to consider purchasing an over-the-counter cleanser – something with salicylic acid and not benzoyl peroxide. The acid will get deep into the pores and fight the blackheads inside. Peroxide is ideal more for red pimples so that blemishes don’t form.

Some of the ideal cleansers you should use include:

  • Neutrogena’s classic oil-free face wash
  • Dermalogica’s clearing foam

Now, if you really want to get to the heart of your blackhead problem, consider investing in a deep daily wash like a Clarisonic cleansing brush, which is a rotating brush with bristles that’ll loosen the dirt and oils trapped in the pores that your hands are unable to get to. While you may think it’ll irritate your skin, the brush is quite soft and won’t.

If you don’t have time after you work out, consider face wipes like Neutrogena Purifying Wipes or Simple Cleaning Wipes.

How To Use These Cleansers To Eliminate Your Blackheads

Use the over-the-counter product both in the morning and at night, washing your face with both warm water and your hands. Don’t use a washcloth because you want to be gentle on your face. A washcloth is very rough for it.

Special Note:

The acids used in the cleanser do have tendency to dry the skin out. Therefore, should you use a moisturizer in the morning and, again, at night. You want something that’s light for your skin. Heavy creams will worsen the blackhead outbreak. One such product you should look into is Elta UV – use it in the morning, as it’s light on the skin and also contains an SPF to protect it from the sun’s rays. At night, there’s Glytone Conditioning Cream or Caudalie Vinsorbet.

When It’s Time For More Than Over-The-Counter Power

In some people’s cases, a simple over-the-county remedy just isn’t enough. And, if yours happens to be that case, you may want to visit your local dermatologist. The dermatologist will attempt to find a solution that’s best for you… using your skin type and the breakout to make that assessment. A prescription medication means a long-term solution and less trips to your store.

One such prescription is retinoid, which offers both a preventative and corrective formula. It cleanses out the oils that have been clogged and decreases the chance for new blackheads to develop.

However, you must be patient with prescription medication, as it can take up to two months before you see any improvement in your skin.

Should You Use A Peel On Your Blackheads?

There’s no doubt how stubborn blackheads can be. While you may be using a prescription or OTC remedy every day to eliminate the buildup of the skin cells and oil, you may not actually be eliminating the real problem – the blackhead’s root.

If you find this is a problem for you, a visit back to the dermatologist may be in order to get an extraction or professional chemical peel (don’t do at-home peels since it can lead to further irritation). Bear in mind that these procedures get only remove the pre-existing blackheads. You must have a skincare routine that reduces the chance for future breakouts.

3 Things To Combat Your Blackhead Problem

Also, consider eliminating three things from your routine as well:

  • Don’t pick at your skin
  • Keep your skin out of direct sunlight
  • Don’t smoke

These three things can lead to skin damage and worsen your blackhead outbreak.

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