3 Primary Ways Men Will Deal With Their Balding Head

About half of men will experience some level of balding before their 30th birthday, and they’ll do one of three things about it:

  • Find ways to prevent it
  • Fight against the balding process
  • Go with the flow (embrace the baldness)

What would be your strategy if you found yourself going bald?

Thwarting Your Baldness State

If you don’t want to suffer with premature balding, you need to decrease the risk of it happening. One way is to eliminate dandruff. When your body is fighting the yeast that causes the flakes, it increases the speed in which hair loss occurs. Instead, consider investing in dandruff shampoos to battle that problem for you.

In order to get the best results possible, use three different shampoos, as the variety keeps the yeast from developing a resistance. Look for brands that offer the following active ingredients:

  • Pyrithione zinc
  • Selenium sulfide
  • Coal tar

Fighting Back Against Baldness

Use Rogaine to fight the baldness – it’s a topical treatment with a minute number of side effects. In order for Rogaine to be effective, you must use it on your scalp two times a day.

Now, many people may suggest using Propecia, but it’s known to alter the production of testosterone, and may also cause ED, decreased libido and depression.

Love The Baldness

Rather than fight nature, love what it’s giving you. Consider buzzing or shaving it to reduce the visual balding impact. In fact, when people see men with a bald head, they get the impression that they’re athletic or a bad boy. And, believe it or not, women will notice men more with a bald head.

There’s nothing passive about being bald because it’s something that does occur. However, you can take matters into your own hands by shaving the remainder of your hair off. You don’t allow baldness to define who you are.

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