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3 Reasons To Avoid Drinking Lemon Water On A Daily Basis

Many women – and men too – have been drinking hot lemon water in order to help them lose weight. Is it worth doing?

Here are some positive aspects of it:

  • Lemon that’s been squeezed can provide a powerful amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants and energy-increasing vitamin C.
  • It can also reduce the number of calories a person consumes, as it’s not loaded with sugar like teas and juices.

Of course, you don’t lose weight just by the consumption of lemon water. There’s no evidence, as of yet, that it can do this. Nor is there any evidence that it can lead to body detoxification or boost digestion.


Still, there are several side effects you need to be mindful of before taking on lemon water every day:

You’ll Become Bored With It

Like everything else, you can become bored by constantly drinking lemon with your water. Plus, there’s a host of other fruit you can throw into your water – orange, limes, etc.

You’ll Experience The Burn (Heartburn)

If you drink an excessive amount of lemon water, it can cause heartburn to occur. Lemons are an extremely acidic fruit, and if you suffer from heartburn, you’re liable to suffer an episode.

It Can Cause Enamel Damage

Lemon acid can damage teeth, wearing away the protective enamel on them. When the enamel is gone, it can lead to tooth sensitivities and cavities. If you want to reduce the amount of acid on your teeth, consider drinking through a straw.

Don’t forgo drinking regular water for lemon water. You can drink both in moderation – just no more than two glasses a day of lemon water will do.

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