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5 Fruits That Cause Belly Bloat

Are you trying to attain a flat belly to fit into your favorite dress? Then you need to elude a few food items to maintain your flat belly all the time. Despite doing an arduous workout, a few people would be unable to achieve weight loss due to certain food habits. Food, including fresh fruits, makes your belly to bloat. 

Though fruits are loaded with essential vitamins and fiber, after having fruits, you feel like you had fast food and moreover, your tummy will swell like a balloon. Generally, fruits that are loaded with sugar alcohol causes gas and bloating.

5 Fruits That Cause Belly Bloat include

Apple: This fruit is packed with anti-oxidants and essential vitamins. But this is not a good treat for your tummy. Fructose loaded in this fruit is hard to digest. When the digestive system starts to break the sugar, people feel full and gassy. However, people who feel their stomach full, have to eat half the apple and chew it thoroughly. This not only helps in quick digestion of fibered snack, but also curtail the amount of fructose you intake.

Pears: People who are on a diet prefer to eat pears since this keeps their hunger pangs at bay and controls the cholesterol level. However, this fruit also contains sugar alcohol (sorbitol) that makes the process of digestion slow and gives a gassy feeling. Sorbitol takes time to pass into the small intestine compared to other sugars and from there, it passes into the colon and causes gas, and serious bloating. Only way to control the effect of sugar alcohol and eventual bloating is to exercise.

Mango: There is no person on the planet who do not love mango. However, this tasty fruit has high sugar content in them. During the digestion process, sugars do not break properly and gets stuck in the large intestine, thus resulting people to experience serious bloating. However, the only solution to elude bloating of your tummy is to chew the fruits slowly and thoroughly. You can also control the puffing problem by cutting down the carb and sugar intake regularly.

Cherries: These are the most delicious fruits loved by the people. However, the sugar content in cherries produce gas in the intestines and makes your belly swell. This makes you look like a pregnant lady and uncomfortable. In fact, you cannot wear your favorite dresses with the swollen tummy.

Stop eating a few varieties of dry fruits to avoid belly

Dry fruits: Dry fruits, especially apricots and raisins make the tummy look like a balloon after having it. Sugar content and fiber are loved by the bacteria in your colon. This does not break the sugar content and eventually produces gas. For women, it gives the feeling of a pregnant woman. However, while having this fruit, try to drink ample water to make the digestion fast and avoid bloat. If you experience the feeling of hot air after having this fruit, then take the probiotic supplement before eating this fruit to boost the bacteria quality in the gut.

It is not recommended to avoid eating these foods to avert puffy belly. You just need to take extra precautions while eating them.

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