5 Interesting facts about honey

5.How honey is made


There are a lot of people, fascinated by honey, as a natural, healthy and a delicious product. One of the main reasons is definitely the complicated and interesting way honey is made. Let’s start from the beginning: first, bees do their job of sucking and storing the nectar to make honey from the bloomed flowers. Next the flower nectar in bees blend with enzymes and protein that is inside of the bees. This mixture transforms the nectar from sucrose to fructose and glucose.

After collecting the nectar, bees return to their hive, where they place the nectar in waxed storage cells. Afterwards they fan the collected nectar with wings till it gets a bit dryer and in the consistency of honey, to stay in the cells, because bees themselves feed on it too.

4.Many flavours and nectar varieties


In the United States only there are more than 300 different variations of honey, because itcan also be a mixture of two or even three different types of nectar. Here are the six most popular varieties of honey:

  • Chestnut – this honey is pretty strong and with a bitter aftertaste
  • Buckwheat – this one has a dark and deep brown color and is one of the strongest varieties.
  • Acacia – this light and mild variety comes from acacia tree flowers, and is the sweetest variety there is.
  • Clover – this may be the most universal of all varieties, the taste is smooth and herbal.
  • Orange Blossom – the next best thing for an all purpose honey, with a pretty sweet and fresh taste.
  • Tupelo – this is a very exceptional variety, as it’s nectar comes from Tupelo trees, that are not very common.

3.Appreciate the blend130529144329_1_900x600

When beekeepers need a specific kind of honey, they place the hives in areas where the certain flowers grow. And it is also achievable to make honey from different types of nectar, as there are often various flowers blooming in the same area that are all healthy for bees. That is also how seasonal and wildflower honey is made.

2.Thick and thin honey


There are contrasting varieties in the consistency of honey – the ones filled with more fructose  are crystalline and more watery, some are a bit more gooey, and the ones with more glucose are thicker and more dense. You can tell whether the honey is a good quality product by it’s crystalized top, while in the jar, because in that case the honey hasn’t been filtered or watered down.

1.Try to let go of the bear honey bottles


These bear-shaped bottles of honey are available in any store, because there are very huge importer companies from China and other countries, that use them. They are not bad , but also not very recommended, because of the unknown origin of the flowers that were used for nectar, and also because this honey has been filtered many times and modified with cheaper sugars.

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