5 Key Tips To Successfully Work Out With Your Canine Friend

So, you’re exercising with your canine friend and everything seems to be going fine. Suddenly, you’re being dragged by your dog. How can you get the most of your workout with your canine friend without being dragged to work out?

5.Talk To Your Canine’s Vet

Some canine breeds are better to work out with them others. For instance, you don’t want to exercise with an English bulldog or similar breed or a large breed such as the mastiff. Boxers love to run, unless it’s too hot outside for them. If you decide to run a long-distance, you should speak with your canine’s vet.

4.Slowly Workout With Your Dog

If you’re tired from running, your dog is probably exhausted too. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on their recovery and efforts. Go slowly, running twice a week, adding 10 minutes each week. While you’re out with your canine, watch their behavior and body language. If you notice them slowing down, stopping more often or drooping their tail, take it as a warning sign that your canine friend must get a break.

3.Give Them A Vest


Before you get out on the water with your pet, be sure teach your pet how to stand or sit on a kayak or board. You also want to put their life vest on them so they can get used to it. Once they’re in the water, practice the various water commands:

  • Steady for sit
  • Hop off for swimming
  • Heal for head to shore

2.Partake In Competitive Sports

There are more and more dog plus owner races being offered in the country. If you decide to enjoy this with your canine friend, be sure you spend time on trails that dogs and runners are accustomed to. This will ready your dog for distractions during the competition.

1.Shake Things Up With Your Pet


Your body needs cardio and strength training; your dog must have obedience training and activity. You can do this all at one time. Both of you can run, then command your canine friend to sit while you do jumping jacks or something else. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes, varying up your routine. You want to make sure your dog doesn’t slack off. Give them discipline and exercise while you work out. It helps better their behavior and helps you get the exercise you want.

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