8 Signs that Clearly Indicate that It’s Time to Break Up with your Partner and Move On

Do you feel like your relationship is no longer the same as it used to be? Do you want to know whether it’s time to finally break up with your partner and move on with your life without him/her? Then find out whether you’re on the verge of a breakup with the help of the following signs:

8.Your religion is the only thing that causes you to stay in the relationship


This usually happens when you are pressured by your religious community, your friends and family to stick together. Note, however, that it’s not good to force yourself to be with your partner just because you have similar values or religion. If you often argue or you no longer feel the connection that you two once had, then never allow your religion to stop you from moving on.

7.You are unsatisfied (intellectually, sexually or emotionally) 

While it’s difficult and painful to break up with your partner, especially if you’ve been together for so long, it’s still the best thing to do if you are no longer satisfied with the relationship. Decide to break apart if you are already unhappy.

6.You no longer respect your partner the way you used to

This usually happens if one party stays motivated to reach his/her goals while the other starts to lose his/her enthusiasm to do things. You may also start losing your respect for your partner if he/she continues to make promises that he/she breaks. It’s time to part ways before you start hating each other.

5.Your partner often displays harmful behaviors that are hard to deal with

These harmful behaviors include chronic drinking problems, drug abuse and gambling addiction. Staying in a relationship with someone who has the mentioned problems is harmful for you. You’ll just suffer in the long run, so it’s best to let go of the relationship.

4.Lost sexual attraction

If you feel like you are no longer attracted to your partner, sexually and physically, then breaking up with him is the best thing to do. Don’t stay in a relationship, which is no longer satisfying for you, since this may only cause resentment, anger and frustration in the end.

3.Forgiving your partner is too hard for you to do

This signifies that you and your partner already have serious issues that you have to work on. Don’t blame yourself just because you can’t forgive him/her. Find out why it is hard for you do it, instead. If the issue is already too serious then breaking things off can benefit both of you.

2.Your relationship is no longer fun and exciting for you

You notice that the fun and exciting things that the two of you used to do together are no longer that enjoyable for you lately. Maybe ending your relationship is the best move if you feel like you are constantly forcing yourself to enjoy just so you won’t hurt your partner’s feelings. Don’t force yourself if you realize that the spark is already gone.

1.Your long-term goals are extremely different

If you and your partner have extremely different goals in life, then letting go could be the best option. You may have the same goals before, but note that people are prone to change. This means that your experiences may have changed the two of you, causing you to drift apart in terms of goals.

If you continue with your relationship even if you have extremely different goals, then you may just end up constantly arguing and negatively affecting the people around you. This will just lead to dissatisfaction, which will eventually result to a breakup or a divorce if you are already married.

Letting go of someone who has been a huge part of your life is extremely painful and difficult, but if it can benefit both of you and will cause you to achieve genuine happiness and satisfaction, then you have to do it now before it’s too late.

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