8 Weight-Loss Mistakes Runners Make

Weight loss is the major concern for many youngsters today. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people are eating the food that they are finding in sight and are gaining weight crazily. However, to put check to the weight, people are undergoing harmful weight loss treatments. Few people are following a diet regime, walking, gymming, aerobics and other physical activities to lose the weight. In the process of cutting down the extra pounds, runners, even the pros make these mistakes.



Top two mistakes made by runners in weight loss program

Wrong counts of calories while running: It is a known fact that running is the arduous workout routine that helps people to put down weight. As per the plethora of studies, it was proven that a man burns on an average of 124 calories per mile whereas a woman burns 105. So, by running four miles, you can spend 420 to 496 calories, however, people will wrongly count their calories and eat fast food, thus results in gaining of more calories than lost.

Curtailing fat food completely: Are you feeling bored of having dry salads and bland food in your diet? Do not cut down the fatty food so quickly. Generally, the human body needs fat to extract vitamins from the food you take in and moreover, they even suppress your appetite. It is a known fact that fats take a long time to get digested compared to carbs and proteins. So people consuming fatty foods can stay throughout the day without hunger pangs. Food that is free from fats does not regulate the hormones and in fact, it makes you feel hunger every hour.


Weight loss Blunders committed while jogging

Running with empty stomach: People generally feel that brisk walking or hitting the road without taking any food will help them to burn more calories. But, it is just the perception of the people and in actual scenario, it does not work better. Instead of burning the fat from muscle, it uses the carbs stored in the muscles. When the body melt down the carbs, body starts burning the fat. Generally, when your body is filled with energy, then it burns the calories at a brisk pace compared to the empty stomach


Eating after doing weight loss workouts: After rigorous workouts, your muscles get exhausted by absorbing the glycogen and they need revitalization. People feel that their appetite is curbed after the workouts. But actually, when your body settle downs, you feel hungrier and end up eating everything that you find handy.

Ingesting the food in the middle of running: Generally, taking the food in the middle of the run adds more calories. In fact, this does not suppress your hunger, but adds weight quickly.

Drinking beverages: Generally, calories in the beverages would be same as that in the food. However, studies proved that the calories gained from liquids are less than solid food.


Getting allured with the celebrity endorsed weight loss products: People generally get lured with the celebrity endorsed products to attain the results overnight. However, purchase the products that are feasible.

People do not re-evaluate: It is the known fact that, people who are overweight have different exercises compared to the people who have moderate weight. So, you need to change the exercises and diet regime as you put down the calories.

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