About Me

I am Dr. Patrick Moses Fraser, MD-A board Certified Hospitalist Physician and also in Family Medicine.
As a physician, I believe besides seeing patients, making diagnosis and treating them conventionally, I also need to give back to the general public by providing health and health related information through this blog.

I have over 20 years’ experience practicing medicine in various countries and will like to bring my expertise to the online world.
Dr. Fraser believes that people who turn to the internet for health information deserve better and accurate information.
I do not claim to be the Wikipedia of health. My goal is to just be a niche source of extremely reliable information to our readers on various aspects of health and natural healing.

I understand that the content I provide has the power to help others and thus I have a deep sense of responsibility for making sure I do our best.
The articles on this blog are well researched to ensure that they are factually correct and comprehensive.
As with everything, make sure you always consult your personal doctor if you have any questions about my content.

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