At what age you should start going to gym?

Stress and hectic modern life has gifted us with many illnesses, most of which are present in the ten most feared diseases today. Modern lifestyle has given us a sedentary way of life, junk food and a complete lack of exercise. The results are apparent in the increase of number of obese people across the globe. And a sure shot way of living a healthy life is to hit the gym every day.

So what is the ideal age for joining the gym?

Parents and elders are more informed about health issues and the kind of lifestyle and diet one needs to follow. That is the precise reason why mothers send children to the gym at an early age. Having said that, it is also not advisable to send kids to the gym before a certain age.

Parents may look at pictures of kids with bulging muscles and send their kids to the gym. It is important to be fit at all ages but that doesn’t mean a 5 year old visit the gym to lift weights. While kids can start going to the gym at an early age, occasionally as early as 5 years, it is important that they train under a good instructor to get best results. There are different guidelines for people of different ages that hit the gym. So while the basic guidelines stay the same as adults, to find a good instructor is of vital importance.


Are there any negative side effects to gymming?

The answer is no, there are no negative side effects to going to the gym, and it has nothing to do with age. It is also untrue that height is stunted if kids lift weights. The only negative emotional bearing on kids going to the gym is that they may feel lonely in a gym environment where most members are adults. So the best age for people to join a gym is when one is a teenager. In fact, one can join a gym as early as 13 or 14 years of age, provided they don’t get into weight lifting.

While it is important to join a gym at an early age for overall fitness, it is also important to focus on diet and nutrition. One can catch up on weight training and muscle building later on. But it will be important to focus on nutrition and increasing flexibility. Missing out on proper nutrition during growing up years is meaningless because focusing on body building when one should be focussing on nutrition will impact the body in a negative way.

As the final word, it can be surmised that the best age to start going to the gym is early teenage. At this age, it not only helps to build the body but guarantees health and a disease-free life for the rest of their life. Those who start going to the gym at an early age doubtlessly enjoy a disease-free, long life.

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