Diabetes: 11 Early Symptoms of Diabetes

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The first thing that comes into many people’s minds when the discussion of health and blood sugar is brought up is diabetes. It is a dangerous condition that can cause multiple health complications. The only good thing about diabetes is the fact that you can prevent it. The body can show signs that the blood sugar level is very high long before a person is diagnosed with diabetes. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number of people with diabetes is dramatically increasing. The primary reason for this is because many people’s diets are rich in artificial and highly processed foods. You are what you eat. If you are feeding your body junk food every day, you will have to deal with diabetes, high blood pressurehyperlipidemia, and other chronic conditions at some point in your life. 

The only way to put a stop to the rising cases of diabetes is to educate ourselves and watch the early signs that the body provides. That will help us stay as healthy as possible. Keep reading to know the signs that tell you that your blood sugar level is high.

1. Frequent urination

An average person urinates 4 to 7 times a day. If you drink high amounts of water before you go to bed, there is a high chance that you will be waking up in the middle of the night to urinate. If you are waking up after every two hours to pee, that might be a sign that you have high blood sugar. 

Hyperglycemia increases the risk of developing a urinary tract infection that can result in excessive urination. If you are peeing after every two hours at night and you are not drinking excess fluids before going to bed, you should test your blood sugar levels as soon as possible.

2. Increased thirst

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If you have high blood sugar levels, your kidneys are forced to overwork to filter and absorb the excess sugar. For the body to achieve that, liquids need to flow through the body to urinate the sugar. Frequent urination makes the body lose a lot of fluids and result in dehydration. Increased thirst is an early symptom of dehydration. If you are experiencing an increased thirst and excessive urination, that is a sign that your blood sugar level is high or you already have diabetes.

3. Blurred vision

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Many people rush to buy a pair of glasses when they begin to have temporary blurry vision. What these people don’t know is that they might be having high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blurry vision. In most cases, it is high blood sugar causes the lens of the eyes to swell up. That can damage the blood vessels and nerves in the eye. A high blood sugar level is also one of the leading causes of high eye pressure and glaucoma.
If you have this symptom, you should talk to your doctor first before getting eyeglasses. Remember, a pair of glasses won’t solve the problem, and if you for too long without addressing your high blood sugar levels, your eyes might end up becoming blind. According to Mayo Clinic, if a high blood sugar level is left untreated for a long time, it can cause new blood vessels to form in the retina and damage established vessels.

4. Fatigue & Poor Concentration

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The body converts the food that you eat into glucose that your cells use to get energy. To do this, the body needs insulin. Insulin resistance is a common symptom of high blood sugar and diabetes. It means that your body can’t respond to insulin, and glucose in the bloodstream can’t get into the cells. If glucose can’t get into the cells it means that you will have no energy. If your cells are not getting enough glucose, you will experience fatigue and will be unable to concentrate. 

5. Dry Mouth

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Anyone can get dry mouth, but it is a common symptom of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The exact cause of dry mouth is unknown, but it is a common symptom of dehydration. Some researchers believe that high glucose levels in the blood and saliva can cause dry mouth and yeast infections such as thrush.

High blood sugar levels causes frequent urination. As a result, the body loses a lot of fluids. If you are urinating frequently, there is less moisture for other things. That can cause dehydration, whose symptoms include dry mouth. 

6. Dry and itchy skin

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Dry skin is a common symptom of dehydration. High blood sugar levels cause poor blood circulation. When there is poor blood circulation flowing through your body, most of the major organs are affected. Among these organs is the skin. Dry and itchy skin, especially on the lower parts of your legs, is a sign of poor blood circulation. Skin discoloration can also be a sign of high blood sugar levels. 

7. Impotence

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Most impotence cases stem from poor long-term blood sugar control. Poor blood sugar control damages blood vessels and nerves. If you are unable to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for sex, that can be a sign that you have type 2 diabetes. Getting medication as soon as possible can help stop the progress and sometimes reverse this symptom.

8. Slow wound healing

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Do you have cuts and wounds taking longer than usual to heal? High blood sugar levels could be the cause. It affects blood vessels and nerves leading to poor blood circulation. That makes it harder for blood needed for skin and tissue repair to reach the wounded area. 

9. Bloating

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High blood sugar levels can delay the emptying of food from the stomach. That can lead to stomach problems such as bloating, vomiting, and abdominal pain. If you are experiencing bloating and of the other early symptom of diabetes, you should talk to your doctor and test your blood sugar levels as soon as possible. 

10. Increased hunger

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Some people have a big appetite, and that is fine. If you don’t have a large appetite and you are now experiencing increased hunger, it might be because you are lacking a hormone known as incretin. This hormone reduces the flow of sugar from the liver when you consume a meal. If you lack this hormone, the food will empty quicker, and you will be hungry again shortly after dinner, which increases your blood sugar level. 

11. Tingling and Numbness

High blood sugar levels cause nerve damage. If you experience tingling and numbness in certain areas of your body, that is a sign that your blood sugar level may be high.  Talking to your doctor as soon as possible can help stop the progress of this symptom. 

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