Different Kinds of Skin Cancer and their Individual Symptoms

If preventing skin cancer is one of your health objectives, then learning that it has different kinds with various risk factors and symptoms can help you out. This will give you an idea on how each kind forms, if you are already displaying some of its symptoms and if you are at risk of developing the problem.

Note that certain types of skin cancer attack specific body parts, so body areas, like your forehead, ears and eyes may have higher risk. Here are just some of the different kinds of skin cancer and a few information about each one, so you’ll know exactly what to avoid and when to take action:

6.Basal cell carcinoma


Known as the most popular type of cancer affecting the skin, basal cell carcinoma is fortunately curable. It affects around two million people annually. It often develops on certain body parts that are constantly exposed to the sun. These include your ears, face, and scalp. This skin cancer is characterized by a flat and flesh-colored, reddish or brownish lesion visible on your skin. Some sufferers also display pearl-colored or waxy bumps on their skin.

5.Squamous cell carcinoma


This form of cancer affects the squamous cells found on the upper layer of your skin. Its signs are visible on your hands, nose, ears, lips and other parts of the skin that are often exposed to the sun. One sign that you have this problem is if your skin has firm nodules or red bumps. It is also characterized by flat lesions that have scaly and crusted surface. The condition affects men more often.

4.Kaposi’s sarcoma


Despite being rare, Kaposi’s sarcoma still affects a few people. Those who have poor immune system due to certain ailments, like AIDS, and those who take medications that negatively affect the natural response of their immune system, are at a higher risk of suffering from this condition. In most cases, this type of skin cancer targets the blood vessels of your skin. If your skin often displays raised red or purple patches then it’s time to consult your doctor, so you’ll know whether it is something that you have to worry about.



Many consider melanoma as the most severe form of cancer affecting the skin. The problem with melanoma is that it tends to spread to other areas of your body. The good news is that you can cure it, provided you identified the problem early on and consulted your doctor about its best treatment. It commonly attacks the head, neck, trunk and lower leg.

One sign that you have melanoma is if your skin displays a huge brown-colored spot. This spot also has dark freckles. You also most likely have melanoma if you have a mole, which bleeds or tends to change not only in size, but also in color.

2.Merkel cell carcinoma


This condition is also caused by constant exposure to the sun. It is characterized by painless, shiny and firm nodules visible on your skin. The nodules, that are often pinkish, reddish or bluish, may also be noticeable on the hair follicles in your neck, head, arms and legs. This is a rare case, which is a good thing, because it’s a serious condition that will most likely cause death.

1.Sebaceous gland carcinoma


Often affecting your skin’s oil glands, sebaceous gland carcinoma is an uncommon, yet aggressive form of cancer. Different parts of your body may display its symptoms, but the most common areas where you can see them are the eyelids. This is the main reason why others mistake it as an eyelid problem.

Your knowledge about the different kinds of skin cancer is your key towards avoiding it and ensuring that you get timely treatment.

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