Do I Get Rid of Diabetes if I Get a Weight Loss Surgery?

Diabetes is a particular type of condition which the body faces trouble managing blood sugar level. This condition causes your blood glucose to be ultimately high. Diabetes is now on the rise. In United States alone, this condition climbs up to 29.1 million in 2012 according to CDC. This is marked by ongoing high blood sugar levels and can result to stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputation and worst, premature death.



Diabetes and Weight Loss

It has been found out that diabetes and weight loss is somehow linked with each other. Much effort to stem diabetes tide has actually focused on weight loss getting rid of weight gain and managing this through medications and ideal lifestyle changes. However, many diabetes sufferers experience a hard time dealing with their condition with medicines and lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss Surgery-Does it Really Help You Get Rid of Diabetes

Though some experts still argue about the role played by weight loss surgery in getting rid of diabetes, many cannot still deny that this surgery set a big difference on the lives of Type 2 Diabetes sufferers. For some individuals, blood glucose levels get back to normal quickly sometime after the weight loss surgery. This could mean that they need less medicines or no medicine at all.


Research also shows some improvement in type 2 diabetes suffers after the surgery. A long –term study has tracked down 400 individuals suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Six years after the bariatric surgery, about 62% showed no more signs of diabetes. These people also have better cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides levels.

In comparison, only about 6% up to 8% of individuals who took medications but did not have the surgery showed the same results. If you are thinking about getting weight loss surgery to get rid of diabetes, you better be ready with the big changes and make sure that this surgery is right for you.

There are actually different types of weight loss surgery however; you are advised to get a detailed check up to determine if you are emotionally and physically ready. Though this surgery can help you get rid of diabetes, still pays not to put your health and your safety at risk. There are some who would not agree that weight loss surgery helps get rid of diabetes but there are still those who will support this especially the ones who experience wellness after getting a weight loss surgery.

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