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Does coffee help weight loss?

Caffeine is a controversial thing when it comes to weight loss. Some say that we can lose weight with caffeine but others say no. Then, what actually is the fact behind it? To know the facts about caffeine and its relation with weight loss or gain, read the following information. Then definitely you can come to a conclusion.

Facts about Caffeine or Coffee and Weight Loss


It is said that, caffeine can slightly prevent the weight gain or it can boost the weight loss. But, there are no particular evidences to prove that increased amount of caffeine consumption can result in permanent or significant weight loss.

Many of us know that caffeine is found in most of the beverages such as, coffee, energy drinks, tea and colas. It is also found in other products that have chocolate or cocoa as well as in variety of medications along with dietary supplements especially those include weight loss.

Though the relation between caffeine and the weight is not finalized by the researchers, there are few things that prove how the caffeine can affect weight and they include the following.


  1. Suppresses the Appetite: It is said that caffeine has the capacity to reduce the person’s desire of eating for a brief period of time but there is no enough evidence to say that long term consumption can help to lose weight.
  2. Lose Belly Fat and Calories with Coffee in Caffeine: It is also said that caffeine present in the coffee can help boost the calorie burning by about four percent. It can either be taken early in the morning or after long hours of meeting. But, no evidences for long time burning of calories.

Studies that are conducted to know about caffeine and its association with coffee are of poor quality and they are questionable. Also some studies have shown that decaffeinated coffee can also help lose weight by some amount and not in more amounts.

From all these studies and evidences, it is clear that caffeine can help us lose weight only in slight amounts and not more. There are no particular evidences to prove for its long term effects. But, it can help you to do your work with concentration and lose weight manually and not directly. So, be cautious about using caffeine for weight loss. Anything in limited amount is safe, so take the caffeine only in the recommended quality and not more than that. Otherwise, it may lead to serious health issues such as, high blood pressure, nausea, insomnia and many other problems.


It is also necessary for you to know one important point about the beverages that contain caffeine. Coffee with caffeine and other beverages are high in fat and calories. So instead of losing fat, you may gain the weight if you take them in higher quantities.

This is all about the caffeine and its association with weight. Keeping these points in mind, you can move forward with caffeine.

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