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Five Common Misconceptions about Sex

In this day and age, you will be surprised to find that many people still believe in age-old myths regarding sex. Here are some of the most common fallacies that a lot of people still believe in as true.

5.You cannot get pregnant when you have your period.

Some women who are at the tail end of their period believe that they are safe from getting pregnant. This is a misconception.

You are most likely to conceive when you are ovulating. However, a healthy egg can stay alive for as long as five days – as can a good sperm. As long as you still have your menstruation, make sure that you use protection – even if you are 15 or 50 years old.

4.It is better not to have sex when you have a headache.

Women commonly use a headache as an excuse not to have sex. However, when you have an orgasm, you are, in fact, likely to recover from a headache. There are studies which show that 50% of migraine patients who engaged in sex during a migraine episode experienced a decrease in pain. One out of 5 subjects reported that after having orgasm, they felt no more pain.

Orgasm releases endorphins which are natural painkillers.

3.There is no need to urinate after sex.

NHS reports that 50% of females experience UTI or urinary tract infection. The urethra traps bacteria leading to bladder infection.

When you urinate after sex, you reduce the probability of having after-sex UTI. You flush out the bacteria which may have lodged in the urethra during intercourse – and stop them from reaching the bladder and causing infections of the urinary tract.

2.Lying down after sex does not increase chances of conception.

Studies demonstrate that remaining on your back after having sex DOES increase the chances of getting pregnant. A study published in the British Medical Journal observed 400 women after they were given artificial insemination. The subjects who remained flat on their backs for a quarter of an hour after being artificially inseminated increased their chances of getting pregnant by 50% compared to those who immediately rose to walk around. Some people suggest that you even further increase the probability of conceiving if you slant your pelvis upward; the position is said to decrease the distance that the sperm needs to travel.

1.Cheating on your partner does not increase the probability of a heart attack.


Individuals who have gone through a heart attack are sometimes hesitant to resume their sex lives for fear that having sex may lead to another heart attack.

It is interesting to note that there are studies which support this belief — but only if the patient has sex with another partner. Adultery apparently causes too much excitement and arousal and may cause the heart to be overly stimulated.

In general, doctors advise their patients to wait for between one to two months after a heart attack before taking up sex again. After this period, having sex is not likely to increase the risk of another heart attack.

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