Foods to Stay Away From When Ordering From A Fast Food Restaurant

Do you order fast food? A lot of people do. Fast food is tasty, quick, and convenient. Moreover, you do not have to limit yourself to the usual burgers and fries. There are a lot of healthy options — chicken, fish, grilled sandwiches, nourishing salads, and many other meal options that seem healthy and nutritious.

You need to rethink what you are doing, though. Many fast food options which seem “healthy” may not actually be so. You may need to steer clear of the following fast foods:

6.Chicken Nuggets


Getting chicken nuggets seems to be a good way of getting healthy protein from chicken white meat. But studies show otherwise.

The amount of sodium and fat alone should be reason enough to avoid chicken nuggets. There are other reasons as well. Only 20% of the usual chicken nugget comes from breast meat. The rest comes from gristle, blood vessels, fat, and bone that are ground up. You also get sugar, bleached wheat, GMO corn, and hydrogenated oils. Moreover, you seldom get your nuggets straight from the fryer. They are prepared way before you place your orders. Thanks to chemical preservatives, nuggets have a long shelf life.

5.Fish Sandwiches


If you think that you are doing your health a favor by ordering a fish sandwich instead of a cheeseburger, you need to think again.

Fast food restaurants take out a slice of reconstituted cod from the freezer, fry it, and serve it on white bread smothered with high-calorie mayonnaise or tartar sauce, and top it with fat-dense cheese. You will be surprised by the amount of fat, sodium, sugar, and preservatives that you consume when you eat a “healthy” fish sandwich from a fast food restaurant.



The beans, veggies, and meat in a burrito are packed with good flavor and nutrition. However, you may need to think twice about the tortilla in which these are served. The average carbohydrate-loaded tortilla already contains 300 calories. Add steak and sour cream and you have a burrito that is loaded with fat and contains more than a thousand calories.

3.Veggie Burgers


Veggie burgers seem to be a sound choice for health reasons. They have a good amount of protein and are low in calories, sugar, and saturated fat.

It is the add-ons that you have to worry about. Veggie burgers usually come loaded with flavorful sauces and cheeses that provide relatively no nutrition but a lot of calories.

If you want freshly made food, do not order veggie burgers. These burgers are usually pre-made and frozen. They are simply defrosted and placed on the grill before they are served.

And if you are a strict vegetarian, you may not welcome the fact that your veggie burger is grilled on the very same grill top used for cooking meat products.



A salad is packed with nutrients and flavor and low in calories. But if you are getting one from a fast food restaurant, this may not be the case. Fast food outlets serve their salads with cream-based dressings like blue cheese, Caesar, and ranch that raise the fat and calorie content to incredible levels. They further top the salads with crispy fried chicken, bacon, ham, and other toppings that increase the calorie/fat content of the supposedly “healthy” salads even more.

1.Frozen and Blended Coffees


Many people think nothing about guzzling frozen and blended coffees. When you drink (instead of eat) something, you are likely to forget that you may be taking in an incredible amount of calories.

Your blended coffee beverage contains a load of saturated fats and sugar; you may as well order burger and fries or an ice cream sundae. Moreover, because your drink has very little protein and loads of sugar, you are likely to feel hungry and look for something else to still your hunger pangs and cravings.

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