How Bad Are Food Additives for Your Health

Today people are more addicted to using readymade and preprocessed food products available in the market because of their busy life schedule. The fact is that they contain artificial food additives to enhance the flavor, appearance and taste of the food for prolonged period of time. This has been the process involved in these artificial foods for centuries. But, do these artificial food additives do any benefit for you and your children? Actually, it doesn’t because most of the food additives are harmful for health and they should be avoided.



How Bad Are These Food Additives?

As per many health organizations who have scrutinized food additives, have said that food additives are not a problem as long as they are consumed in small quantities. But if they are consumed in large quantities or for people that are sensitive to them, it can be a problem.

As per studies, nearly 5 percent of people are sensitive to these food additives. For those people who are very sensitive, consuming them can lead to serious health issues such as asthma.


These studies also pointed out that intolerance to these food additives are actually not the food allergies and they don’t involve the immune system. They didn’t even show up when they do allergy tests. Though the intolerances can make you very unwell, they don’t lead you to life-threatening reactions. High dosage of these food additives can cause health issues to certain people. But, it all depends on the person and their sensitivity to the food additives.

Food Additives and Health Issues Associated With Them

There are few top food additives that are to be avoided for sensitive people or taken in very less quantity and they are listed below. So, check them out and try to reduce or prevent the usage of those food additives.

  • Some artificial sweeteners does more harm to your health if taken in higher quantities. It can cause short-term memory loss, and these toxic sweeteners can lead to variety of diseases such as brain tumor, diabetes, nausea, headaches and lots more.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup which is also another artificial sweetener is a good source of calories and it can simply add up weight to your body when taken in large quantities. It even develops diabetes and cause damage to your tissues.
  • Flavor enhancers can give you the symptoms of headache, tingling and numbness when taken in large quantities in a single meal.
  • Food coloring can cause danger to your kids by making them hyperactive. These food colorings and food additives should be avoided in your kid’s food.


These are various types of food additives and their adverse effects on the people’s health when taken in large quantities. Anything in limited amount is safe. So take it in a limited quantity if needed, otherwise completely avoid them. Everyone should know about these food additives and stay healthy by avoid them or controlling the quantity you intake.

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