How I Got my 6 Pack in Less than 2 Months

Getting a 6 pack might seem challenging for some but with the proper 6 pack diet and 6 pack exercise, you can actually achieve your dream 6 pack in less than two months.

Following a Proper 6 Pack Diet Plan

If you follow six pack diet plan, you need to limit your calorie intake to about 1600 calories daily. You need to eat monosaturated fatty acid and you also need to eat every four hours based on this diet plan. This is enough to stay away from stubborn fats most especially in the midsection of the body. Exercising is optional on this 6 pack diet however; it is a given fact that exercises play essential role in weight loss. The 6 pack diet plan usually has 28-day exercise program.


Just like other diet plans, the 6 pack diet gives emphasis on the significance of eating unprocessed and natural foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This particular type of diet also suggests intake or consumption of lean proteins like ideal amount of red meat, skinless chicken breast and more. According to experts, monosaturated fat is considered as good fat and is helpful to the human body. This is the reason why flat belly healthy diet plan suggests consumption of monosaturated fat for the reason that this can help burn fat in the belly area more quickly.

The Best 6 Pack Exercise to Take

Many individuals are performing several sets of exercises to achieve 6 pack without them knowing that the exercise they perform is no actually geared towards achieving amazing six pack abs. The correct 6 pack exercise is considered to be the best technique to build amazing six pack abs. If you are a man wanting to have six packs, the best 6 pack exercises to take are as follows:

  • Crunches with weights
  • Leg raises with weights
  • Planks
  • Reverse crunch
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Jump squats and more…

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Ab exercises or workouts are more effective if free weights or dumbbells are added. You better work those muscles better and harder when you put in several pounds into your abdominal workout routines. 6 pack exercise and 6 pack diet, when combined cannot just give you a flat stomach. These can also tone your muscles for a sexier midsection. Make the recommended abdominal exercises part of your fitness routine and stick to healthy diet that include fat burning foods to achieve 6 packs successfully.

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