How NOT to Exercise

Some people who exercise often commit mistakes that stall their progress. What are the more common exercise blunders that people usually commit?

5.They spend hours in the gym.


You do not have to work out in the gym for hours on end to see results. You do not even have to spend an hour to lose weight.

A sensible diet and an intense workout determine your success. You lose the same number of calories when you jump rope energetically for 11 minutes or when you do a moderate jog on the treadmill for half an hour. The intensity of the exercise is essential. Commit to doing a high-intensity exercise routine and you’ll get to achieve three things: You get a more productive workout. You lose weight fast. And you save time.

4.They focus their workout routines on the upper body.


Guys commit the big mistake of following a workout routine that focuses mainly on building the upper body. Go to the gym and observe the guys working out. Many of them have strong powerful chests and relatively smaller bottoms.

If you want to be strong, you need to work on your entire body — not only on your chest and arms. You have to train your lower half so it can be as strong as your pecs. Do not miss out on the dead lifts, lunges, and squats.

If you have immense pecs and weak ankles, you are what is referred to as “phony strong.” You may catch a lot of attention in the beach with your immense pecs. But if you have weak legs and ankles, you may just get knocked out by the first wave that comes your way. That is the kind of attention that nobody wants.

3.They use excessive weights.


Why do you work out in the gym? You want to exercise in safe and secure surroundings. You want to be physically and mentally fit. You want a strong and toned body with well-defined muscles.

Keep these goals in mind when you work out. In many instances, working out in the gym becomes some sort of unspoken competition to find out who can lift the heaviest weight. Guys who work out with this mindset often lose their form when they exercise. They also put themselves at risk for injury: They pull their hamstring, they sprain their patellar tendon, and/or they injure their lower backs.

You can get a good workout even if you do not overload on the leg extension or the bench press machines. Sometimes, you may not even need weights; you can do an effective squat without a machine.

2.They do bench presses with their feet up.


When you do bench presses, make sure that you keep both feet resolutely on the floor. Doing so not only ensures stability, support, and balance; it adds strength to your presses as well.

1.They expect the stability ball to help them achieve all their workout goals.


A stability ball is useful in many ways. It strengthens your core. It prevents injury. It allows you to work out without hurting your back.

A stability ball does not build stronger and bigger arms or chest, though. You need the bench press for that. Make sure that you are choosing the right equipment to target the muscles that you want to build up or strengthen.

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