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How often you should brush your teeth

Leading dental health associations of the world have a lot of recommendations on the right kind of dental hygiene. As years passed, modern dental hygiene says that traditional teeth cleaning are not enough. Dentists across the globe suggest we change our approach to traditional brushing and flossing. Also it is important to focus on the frequency of brushing the teeth.



So how often is enough?

That’s an intriguing question; however the answer varies with experts. While some say that twice a day sounds good, there are others who claim that brushing after every major meal is what keeps pearly whites stay white forever. No matter what one does, moderation is the key. Therefore, people who feel the compulsion to reach for their toothbrush even after a snack should take heed. Too much brushing just does not loosen teeth from gums, but is also known to erode the enamel, giving teeth a raw and sickly look. Not to mention the thousands of dollars that are eventually spent restoring teeth enamel and other evil that too frequent brushing brought on.

Brushing and Flossing Guidelines

There’s no mystery on how to brush teeth. We all know how it’s done since we were kids. Tips suggested by dentists are:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride tooth paste first thing in the morning and definitely before bedtime. And the duration needs to be more than 2 minutes.
  • Flossing every day, especially at bedtime is effective.
  • Limiting the number of snacks in a day.
  • Going to the dentist every six months for professional advice.


While brushing is important, dental experts keep reminding us that over-brushing could mean brushing away our dental health. Brushing our teeth helps to get rid of plaque and food that are stuck to teeth and contain bacteria. After a meal or snack, especially one that contains sugar, bacteria releases acids that impact tooth enamel. Repeated impacts such as these tend to dissolve tooth enamel and create cavities. Also not removing plaque regularly causes it to harden into tartar, making it tougher to maintain clean and healthy teeth.

When to brush teeth

While trying to decide how often to brush teeth, it is important to consider one’s diet. After consuming acidic food and drinks, one needs to refrain from brushing at least for a half hour. The acids in such foods weaken the enamel and brushing soon after can melt away enamel in the process. Thus, dental experts suggest that teeth be brushed before one consume acidic food and drinks.


As an afterword, lets draw our attention to the most important tool in the job; the toothbrush. Replacing a toothbrush every 3 months or as soon as the bristles fray will ensure that teeth are cleaned properly during the daily dental care regime. And this will stop people from getting into the habit of brushing their teeth too often to keep their mouth feeling fresh. The key to perfect dental cleansing is a little intelligence and moderation and all dental experts vouch by this.

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