Losing Weight: Sleep Can Help You To Drop The Pounds

Did you know that sleeping can actually help you to lose weight?

Researchers checked out the sleeping habits of more than 130,000 women. During the last 10 years, women who got plenty of sleep were 45 percent less likely to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes compared to people who had problems going to sleep, problems staying asleep, who snored or got less than six hours each night.

Staying Up Late Causing The Munchies To Strike

When your body’s circadian rhythms are altered, the body will respond by releasing a fair amount of ghrelin – this is the hormone that stimulates appetite. This could lead to weight gain and boost the chances for Type 2 diabetes.

Along with the increase in ghrelin, not getting enough sleep causes the levels of leptin to decrease. Leptin is the feeling full hormone.


Another reason people who don’t get enough sleep weigh more is that sleep deprivation causes the reward center in the brain to become active. People who reduced their sleep by 80 minutes tend to consume nearly 550 more calories the next day.

Bad Sleep Increases Your Stress Levels

It’s not just your lack of sleep that causes you to stroll down the junk food aisle. According to researchers from the University of Chicago, a study revealed people who slept eight and half hours lost two times more fat than people who slept just 5.5 hours… even though they consumed the same amount of calories each day.

Why does this happen? According the various studies, sleep problems increase cortisol production, which can cause insulin issues and inflammation. These issues can lead to an increase in weight. A study published in Diabetologia learned that four days of sleep deprivation caused the body to reduce its insensitivity to insulin, boosting the chance for additional fat storage.

It Is Possible To Lose Weight While Sleeping

Yes, getting a good night’s rest is necessary in weight loss, but it’s not the only thing you need to be doing. You need sleep, diet and exercise in order for weight loss to be effective. Without one of them, the goal to lose weight is much harder to do.

Six Tips To Sleep Better and Drop The Pounds

Since sleep is so important to hitting your goal weight, it’s imperative you take the right steps to ensure that your beauty sleep isn’t disturbed and that you feel well-rested.

Get Between 6.5 and 8.5 Hours Of Rest Every Night

  • People slept between 6.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep generally reduced their chances of gaining fat and weight.

Go To Sleep At The Same Time Every Night

  • When it comes to losing weight, sleeping on a schedule is just as important as getting plenty of rest.

Turn The Temperature Down

  • People who sleep in a colder room increased their body’s metabolism, which helps in burning fat. It also betters its insulin sensitivity.

Sleep In The Dark

  • Close your blinds at night. A 2014 study revealed that women who slept in extremely dark rooms were 21 percent less obese than people who slept in rooms that were lighter.

Turn Off Your Electronics

  • The blue light that emanates from your computer, smartphone or other electronic gadgets can reduce the brain’s melatonin levels, and this can lead to weight gain. Be sure you turn off all the electronics 30 minutes before you head to bed.

Other Influences

  • Along with sleep, be sure you eat healthy and get more exercise into your life to drop the weight.

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