Managing Your Diabetes and Losing Weight

If you have Type 2 diabetes, being overweight makes it even more difficult to manage your blood sugar levels. What can you do to manage diabetes and bring your weight down?

8.Get Medical Intervention

You can lose weight by taking your diabetes medication.

You can also do so by going through bariatric surgery, an operation that reduces the size of your stomach by about 90%. This intervention has many things going against it. It is not reversible. It is expensive. And it may lead to complications. Doctors usually prescribe it for patients whose lives are at risk because of obesity.

7.Go On a Low-Carbohydrate Diet

Research indicates that going on a low-carbohydrate diet may be your best bet to manage both your weight and blood sugar without having to take drugs. Restricting your intake of carbohydrates beats going on a low-fat diet.

6.Go On Intermittent Fasts

One of the quickest and most effective ways to lose weight is to go on a fast. If you go without dinner, you are in fact fasting from the time you finish lunch one day up to the time you take breakfast the next day. You can go on such short fasts to prevent weight gain from eating too much on some days.

5.Track Your Weight Loss

Setting realistic weight loss goals and tracking your progress is a good way to ensure that you will, indeed, lose weight. Individuals who take their goals seriously have a better chance of losing weight than those who do not have specific goals. Count calories and weigh yourself regularly to check how well you are doing vis-à-vis your goals.

4.Tell People about Your Weight Loss Goals

Research shows that when you tell people about your plans to lose weight, you are likely to follow through on those goals. The move is similar to making a commitment. When you know that other people are interested in how well you will do, you reinforce your desire to succeed.

3.Eat Mindfully and More Slowly

When you eat too quickly, you tend to eat more. When you eat more slowly, taking the time to savor the smells and flavors, you tend to be content with less food. You get a sense of fullness and satisfaction without overeating.

2.Wait a While before Going for Seconds


You will need about fifteen to twenty minutes to digest your food and for the mind to register that you are full. Some individuals find it useful to stop eating after a meal – even if they still want to go for more food. They only go for seconds if they still feel hungry after twenty minutes have passed.

1.Manage your Cravings

You will have food cravings every now and then. Give in to these cravings but make sure that you do so sensibly. Practice portion control. One secret to keeping your weight down is not to keep your favorite food in stock. When you want it badly, go out and satisfy your craving for it in a restaurant or coffee shop.

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