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Top 10 worst diseases you can get

As we progress from century to century, world is becoming the arena for unheard of diseases. Every few months, we hear of some disease or the other striking people near us. Though it may sound scary, it is also a fact that the deadliest diseases of the world have a …

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Do weight loss pills really work?

As life in the fast lane becomes more and more demanding, increasing number of people are rushing to consult doctors and nutritionists to combat increasing health issues like obesity, stress and hypertension. It is also a sad truth that most overweight people don’t head to the gym or take to …

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How often you should brush your teeth

Leading dental health associations of the world have a lot of recommendations on the right kind of dental hygiene. As years passed, modern dental hygiene says that traditional teeth cleaning are not enough. Dentists across the globe suggest we change our approach to traditional brushing and flossing. Also it is …

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