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You’ll never guess which food can lead to road rage.

FAST FOOD CAN CAUSE ROAD RAGE! A group of professors, scientists and other intellectuals at at the University of California at San Diego conducting a controlled study of a large group of volunteers found results that impacted statistics and noted significant increases in hostile behaviour which was a direct result …

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3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight

There are several ways to lose weight. You can do it either naturally or with certain use of medical approach. Some ways may make a little hungry or unsatisfied with the amount of your food intake. The main solution in order for you to lose weight is to cut back …

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Do Banana Peels Really Combat Fats

Many people eat banana and a number of which may say that this is one of their favorite fruits that you can easily buy in the market. Based on the recent studies, bananas are now considered the most commonly consumed fruits all over the world due to its incomparable health …

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