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Do Banana Peels Really Combat Fats

Many people eat banana and a number of which may say that this is one of their favorite fruits that you can easily buy in the market. Based on the recent studies, bananas are now considered the most commonly consumed fruits all over the world due to its incomparable health …

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Do I Get Rid of Diabetes if I Get a Weight Loss Surgery?

Diabetes is a particular type of condition which the body faces trouble managing blood sugar level. This condition causes your blood glucose to be ultimately high. Diabetes is now on the rise. In United States alone, this condition climbs up to 29.1 million in 2012 according to CDC. This is …

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Do You Really Think Fasting Diet Is Healthy for You

Losing weight can become a tough job for you to accomplish especially if you are going to try the newest trend for weight loss better known as the fasting diet. Many people believed that when you go through a fast diet, all the waste build-up in your body will eventually …

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