The Dangers of Obesity

Being obese in this busy world has been the common issue today and there are many reasons for it such as eating unhealthy foods, not doing exercise, doing hours of desk jobs and lots more. As you know, being obese has many risks and dangers associated with it. It is said that, people who are overweight will have the following complications at one time or other in their lives. All the dangers are listed out below. So, if you are obese, please go through them and you will certainly move for change in your life.

Risks or Dangers Associated with Obesity

Coronary Heart Diseases and Strokes:coronary

The first major danger associated with obesity is more chances of getting heart diseases and strokes. This happens when you have high cholesterol levels in the body. It can also give rise to high blood pressure. In some serious situations, obesity can lead to complete failure of heart in which heart will lose the ability to pump sufficient amount of blood that the body requires.



The next major health problem that is associated with obesity is type 2 diabetes and it is said that it is the major risk factor. It can even give rise to gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. The link between obesity and diabetes is, it causes insulin resistance. That means, body can’t produce enough insulin to provide glucose to cells and where it is either used or stored.


Being overweight can also give raise to the risks that are associated with breast, colon, kidney and gallbladder cancers. Some studies reported the link between obesity and ovaries, gallbladder and pancreatic cancers.

Sleep Apnea:Sleep-Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common issue which occurs because of the fat that is stored around the neck portion and which leads to breathing problems as it narrows the airways while a person is sleeping.

Metabolic syndrome:Untitled-1

A cholesterol education program has identified that the metabolic syndrome is a major risk or danger for the cardiovascular disease. It mainly consists of six components and they are abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, insulin resistance, high clotting factors in blood and increase of certain components of blood. Many people who are obese will exhibit this metabolic syndrome.

Mental Illness:thumb

Last but not least, people who are obese often get depressed because of being overweight. They even have mental disorder, anxiety and stress in their life. Obesity is often blamed for this and they can’t lead a happy life with this mental illness.

There are many other dangers and risk factors that are associated with obesity. We have listed out all the major problems here. So, keep them in mind if you are a obese person and try to get back to ideal weight as per your height.

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