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Top 10 worst diseases you can get

As we progress from century to century, world is becoming the arena for unheard of diseases. Every few months, we hear of some disease or the other striking people near us. Though it may sound scary, it is also a fact that the deadliest diseases of the world have a cure. While it is important to know about them, the incentive lies in the fact that early detection can lessen the damages these diseases cause.

The Top 10 diseases

In the last few decades, the top 5 diseases haven’t seen much change. However, it is with pride that the modern medical inventions have managed to fight these worst diseases and reduced the number of deaths that can be attributed to these diseases. The list includes names likes:

1.Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)


A deadly disease where the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart become narrow and affect the heart. Risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.The risk can be lowered with nutrition, exercise and weight control.



This occurs when the brain is blocked and the oxygen deprived brain starts dying within minutes. The risk factors of this disease are the same as CAD and healthy lifestyle is a good way to combat disease.

3.Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


This condition makes it hard to breathe and can cause death in advanced cases. COPD is caused mainly by tobacco and pollution, which means that cutting down on smokes, is one of the ways of reversing it.

4.Lower Respiratory Infections

Respiratory tract infections

This group of diseases include influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia. These diseases are transmitted and boosting one’s immunity system can help to control it.

5.Bronchus and Lung Cancers



These are respiratory disorders which are caused by direct and second-hand smoking, environmental toxins and pollution.



This virus attacks the immune system and is a life-threatening disease. Though it is rampant in sub-Saharan Africa, across the world, people can fall prey to it.

7.Diarrheal Disease



Diarrhoea occurs when one passes watery stool more than thrice a day. Loss of water and salt from the body leads to dehydration and eventual death. This infection usually infests the body through contaminated food and water. Clean water and well-sanitized living conditions are a sure shot way to combat disease.

8.Diabetes Mellitus


This is one of the most threatening diseases in modern times. Termed as the silent killer, this disease impacts all the vital organs of the body. Reasons contributing to the cause of diabetes are not known; however it can be controlled with healthy diet and regular physical activity.

9.Preterm Birth Complications



Almost 1.1 million deaths in the last couple of years have been attributed to this. Low weight at birth and premature births cause this and can be avoided with effective pre and post-natal care.

10.Tuberculosis (TB)



This bacteria driven air borne disease has taken 900,000 lives in 2012. While it can be treated with medicines, no definitive cause can be attributed to the onset of this disease.

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