Use your Evening Routine to Help your Weight Loss Program Work

Do you want to become healthier? Do you want to lose weight?

If you do, you can make your evening routine work for you. Here are four things you can do every night to help you achieve your goals.

4. Pack your Lunch for the Next Day

A well-planned made-from-home meal goes a long way to help you achieve your ideal weight. When you eat out for lunch, you are likely to gain weight from the high-calorie meals that are usually served at your local café or delicatessen.

Add making lunch-to-go to your evening routine. Prepare a nutritious, flavorful salad. Make sure that you add chicken or egg for protein and a lot of veggies like leafy greens, tomatoes and carrots. You can also do a quinoa and roasted sweet potato salad. Add a handful of cranberries and a spoonful of sesame or chia seeds for a good crunch. You can even prepare some snacks to brown bag, too. Preparing these meals reduces morning stress. It also ensures that you get delicious and nutritious snacks and lunch the next day.

3. Save Time in the Morning with a Pre-Made Breakfast

You can also prepare the next day’s breakfast the night before.

Some people skip breakfast, make do with a small bowl of cereal, or grab a sugar-rich donut at the local café for breakfast. If you have an unsatisfying breakfast because of the morning rush, you are likely to become hungry at mid-morning and cave in to the urge for a high-calorie snack.

Prepare tomorrow’s breakfast the night before. It will save you time. It will save you calories. It will help you jumpstart your metabolism.

You can pre-make smoothies, put them in the freezer, and simply put them in the blender for a quick, nutritious, and satisfying breakfast. You can also prepare overnight oats in mason jars for a filling breakfast or bake an apple-cinnamon quinoa for the next day. If you know that you have a delicious breakfast already waiting for you, you are likely to get out of bed the next morning all excited and full of high anticipation to start your day.

2. Prepare your Gym Clothes and Hit the Road Running the Next Day

Do not wait for the morning to round up your fitness gear. Do it the night before. Grab everything you need – iPod armband, sunglasses, rubber shoes, socks, shorts, tank top – and lay everything out or put them in your gym bag — all ready to put on or grab the next morning. If you make a habit of doing this every night, you are more likely to turn up at the gym or on the track for your workouts.

1.Do Prep Work for Tomorrow’s Dinner

You had a good breakfast. You had your workout. You do not want to undo all these by coming home tired and hungry and making do with a sloppily prepared dinner.

Make sure that you get to have a delicious and nutritious dinner the next day by doing prep work for it the night before. Wash and slice some potatoes, zucchini, and peppers perfect for roasting or grilling when you come home the next day. Cook whole grain like brown rice, barley, or millet. Put together a squash casserole ready to bake in the oven the next evening.

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