Worst Carbs You Can Eat

Do you want to know about the worst carbs or foods that you should or should not eat? Then you are at the right place. Here, we have figured out few worst carbs that a person should not eat and are listed out below. So, go through the list and know about the worst carbs you can have.

List of Bad Carbs

  1. Soft Drinks and Soda:

Sodas and soft drinks have clearly no nutrition in them and drinking these sugary drinks will do nothing good for you. Rather, it increases your obesity, health problems and makes your teeth decay. If you want to stay healthy, you need to avoid drinking them and whenever you feel thirsty, drink water which is healthier for your health and it is even free. Don’t ever drink bottled water.

  1. High Lactose Dairy Products:

This is another worst carb-rich food. Milk and other dairy products are rich in saturated fats and you should avoid them if you want to shed your weight. Rather switch to non-fat or low-fat dairy products. But, you still can’t escape from the non-healthy things in these dairy products as they contain bovine hormone. This can lead to several health problems. So, it is better that you avoid it completely.

  1. Bagels:

Bagels add huge amount of calories to your body and these are the worst ever carbs you eat and even beyond their caloric content, they are bad for you. As it is made with refined white flour, you will gain weight and it is also linked to Type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease. It is hard to lose the weight that is gained by eating these bagels.

There are many other bad or worst carbs that you eat generally. But to stay healthy, eat the below listed low carb foods.

Low Carb Diet You Can Eat

There are many unprocessed, real as well as low carb foods that you can add to your diet to shed your weight and stay fit and healthy. Do you want to know the list of those low carb foods? Then see the following list.

  • When it comes to non-vegetarian products, especially meats, you can eat beef, pork, and many others, but grass-fed meats would be the best option.
  • Among fish, trout, salmon and other fish are considered to be low carb foods. But the good option would be the wild-caught fish.
  • Eggs that are rich in omega-3 or pastured eggs can be taken as low carb foods.
  • Carrots, spinach, broccoli and other similar vegetables are the best foods to eat.
  • When it comes to fruits and nuts, you can eat pears, apples, strawberries, almonds, sunflower seeds and lots more, but in small quantities.
  • Oils such as coconut oil, cod liver oil, and butter are good to have, but not in high quantities.

These are the worst and low carb foods and diets that you can eat. So, go through the entire list and follow them accordingly if you are looking for worst carbs.

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