Your Morning Routine Might Be Stalling Your Weight Loss

Morning Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight by walking every morning, then it is a good idea. But are you doing it while you are having your breakfast? Then, it will ultimately make you eat much later in the day which can lead to weight gain, as per the new research findings by the University of Surrey.



Study on Eating Habits of College Aged Women – Is it Associated with Weight Loss or Gain?

For this study, researchers asked nearly 60 college aged women to fill up a questionnaire regarding how hungry they are and how bad they are willing to eat something they want. Then, the researchers asked them to eat cereal while doing any of the activities such as, chatting with other members or walking with them and watching TV.

Once they have finished one of those activities, these people were asked to fill out another questionnaire regarding how much hungry they were at that particular moment, how much they are willing to eat and whether these people were trying to observe what they were actually eating. Later the participants were asked to “taste test” grapes, chips, chocolates and carrots. After the participants finished munching for 7 minutes, they have shared their thoughts about those snack flavors and following that, researchers have measured the amount of food each participant had taken.

Findings of the Study:

Researchers have thought that these results would seem to indicate that walking is more distractive than talking or watching TV. They are not sure the reason behind this. The other finding of the study is that, women would take more chocolate than any other snacks after having a cereal bar and while they are walking, they feel that this is form of an exercise and since they are doing some physical activity, they think they can eat as much chocolate as they want. For those who are watching what they are eating, chocolate is off-limits and they find other guilt-free sweets, as per the authors of the study conducted.


Researchers can’t say if these results were affected by the way they conducted this study. They have also admitted that even the lab settings were not quite natural to observe the effect of distracted eating. That is, talking to some stranger while they are eating and being observed is not most of the women come up on in their real life.

So with this study, we can’t really say that the morning routine is stalling the weight-loss. Researchers think that they need to conduct more studies to find out whether eating while walking affects the amount of food they consume over a period of time. So until they come up with an answer to this question, it is better to sit down and have your morning breakfast rather than walking and eating.

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